Monday, December 28, 2009

Of Bunga Telor N Bally Shoes : Behind The Scenes

First of all, its been a while since i update this blog
Gomen2, i just got to much things to do and so little time to spare ,Seriously!!!
I got a very good news to share with u guys, I'VE FOUND MY TEXTPAD,YEAY!!!!
now its the hassle of finishing up all the homework that is still piling , Duh!!!
last few days , i spend a lot of time helping Hannan's family preparing for his Sis wedding of the most memorable event is not the wedding
it is a pleasurable experience as you put all your effort , sweat*not part of the ingredient la haha, taste bud to finish what i could say the most splendid rendang that i had ever tasted( well i did of course.....hihi)
Who says guys can't cook, i got a lot of pics to show you cable huhu, gotta wait till next time
the family members are very nice , they joke around and laugh a whole lot but unfortunately, nearly all of their conversations are in Minang dialect,
i can only nod and laugh cos i dunno what are they talking about ..haha( feels like an idiot)
with everyone around it was so much fun, but then there was a point to ponder.......
what happen with the spirit of unity and "gotong-royong" nowadays
with caterings in abundance , the people do not share the same experience as our veterans and ancestors did long before we are born when they held grand events such as weddings
no gatherings, no fun la , when can we something like this together, really miss the good old dodol stirring when Raya
Owh forgot to relate this entry with the title, well sometimes they do have rendangs in weddings maa , if not what will the guest be eating , bally shoes ??? haha XD


eju said...

sounds fun =D

MadFinz said...

tp cam nak patah tulang buat menda tu
bau pun cam kerja lombong arang
kalo nak try bole gak haha

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