Thursday, December 24, 2009

Exercise Jap!!

huh.. huh... huh...
i'm panting....n sweating front fb ..Yeay :)
but that not the highlight
i feel like its been decades since i exercise..pewh
if u ask me to jog now , i cnnot even finish a lap at the field
(even though i got points for the HEALTHIEST HEART marathon.......hehehe)

I thought of this when Hannan's brother said that he wanted to play badminton
really miss those days at Kywhen i beat ********, ***** n summore
hahaha, ........kddg :).....i'm not bragging , its just its bored without activities like in Ky
my schedule is full from 6am till 7pm (others kire leisure time la )
now i know whyb adults dont exercise , its just because they r too lazy haha
i know sumbody out there who seriously need it...hahah
life its not just about enjoying urself to the fullest...
but also to keep urself healthy , if not how r u gonna enjoy urself haha..
but dont overdo it la..if not u'll be like Ohyeah.....pity him ,rest in peace my friend (escape work suda)
Well, what r u waiting for, keep the muscle pumping , blood running,fat burning ...especially for the upcoming Bangsawan. that time all thats left would just be bones hihihi....:P

p/s..i cannot do the like n dislike button lol, template doesnt hav that feature. huhu...